Management of EU funded projects

The EU grant contract signature does not make a project successful. Though the financing is granted, in order to receive it the project implementation must come to a successful ending with achieved objectives, results and indicators.

The hard part is yet to come. Infinite details, requirements, restrictions, rules and procedures, documents, continuous monitoring of implementation of activities in accordance with the time schedule and project budget. Thanks to the extensive expertise in project management, Idein can offer its clients comprehensive consulting services in project management, which include, but is not limited to:

  • Organization of the project team, developing procedures and regulations for implementing the project, incl. a detailed action plan with deadlines and responsibilities;
  • Ongoing coordination and communication with the Managing authority of the Programme; organization and presence at monitoring and on-the-spot visits;
  • Project financial management: preparation and submission of interim and final technical and financial reports and all other documents and notifications and reporting procedures, arising from the grant contract;
  • Consultation for proper accounting of project costs, incl. preliminary internal controls for their eligibility and appropriate implementation of the programme rules;
  • Organization of the document and archive of the project and ongoing support of the designated official of the company in order to provide easily-traceable audit trail;
  • Preparation of documentation for selection of contractors, according to the applicable procurement legislation and in compliance with the provisions and guidelines of the MA of the programme;
  • Conduction, comprehensive consultation and administration of procedures for selection of contractor;
  • Consultations on the conclusion and implementation of all agreements with contractors, ensuring the proper completion of the documentation related to procurement and acceptance of their work;
  • Implementation of measures for information and publicity.

Idein’s experts guide and assist the client throughout the period of project implementation and each successfully completed project provides an opportunity for future expansion and launch of new project initiatives.