Trainings for employees of Pleven Municipality

Contract “Organisation and conduction of trainings”, Lot 1. "Conduction of specialized trainings”, commissioned by Pleven Municipality. Contractor: Consortium "Effective training - Pleven", partnering organizations Idein LTD and Law and Internet Foundation.

The project “Competent and effective administration of Pleven municipality” is financed by the European Social Fund and the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria through Operational Programme "Administrative Capacity 2007 - 2013", Priority Axis II" Human Resources Management", sub-priority 2.2. "Competent and effective state administration" budget line BG051PO002 / 12 / 2.2-07.

Its main goal is to enhance the qualification of the municipal servants through trainings in the field of: legal regime to regulate information technologies, privacy and information security, management of conflict situations, public speaking and presentation skills, and communication with users of services in order to build public trust in the institution.

Main activities implemented include development of training programmes and training modules, conduction of specialized trainings for the municipal servants on topics as follows:

  • Confidentiality and information security;
  • Public speaking and presentation skills;
  • Conflict management;
  • Communication with customers - building trust in public institutions;
  • Legal regime of regulation of information technology.

As a result the qualification of 250 employees of the municipal administration was increased.