Idein Development Foundation

Change World. We Help.

Idein Development is founded by Idein LTD. The Foundation aims at:

  • Supporting the competent national, regional and municipal authorities in the formulation of policies for national, regional and local development, including in cross-border and transnational context;
  • Initiating, supporting and carrying out activities for the implementation of applied research, studies, programs and projects in the field of new technologies and technological development, including “Internet of Things” and live laboratories; Support of the public administration and the real sector for the development and commercialization of innovations in management and/or business, including new technological solutions, products and services;
  • Supporting the implementation of sector studies, analyses and evaluations to assist the state, regional and local administration and the business to implement public-private partnerships in various fields;
  • Capacity building of public administration at national, regional and local level, and businesses, incl. start-ups in the implementation and use of modern and innovative technologies, through tailor made trainings and consultancy;
  • Supporting the training and realization of young people in priority sectors, including related to the development and commercialization of innovations, including through international exchange;
  • Promoting employment, life-long learning and training of workforce;
  • Networking with national and international organizations and institutions operating in the field of regional development, innovations and smart specialization;
  • Promoting interaction between the structures of civil society and public administration to implement effective policies, provide quality services to citizens and businesses, thus creating conditions for sustainable economic growth.

The founder Idein Ltd. employs professionals with wide expertise in regional planning and development and EU funds management, including for cross-border and transnational cooperation. The team of experts consists of experienced project managers, communication specialists, economists and analysts. The mission of the organization is to build strong partnerships and cooperation with institutions, organisations and other legal entities in order to implement common projects and initiatives in the field of new technologies, innovations and technological development. The work of the Foundation is fully supported by all the technical, financial and human resources of the Founder.


Experts who are motivated to achieve the best possible results in their work.


Experts who have a clear understanding of the importance of each project and its added value.


Experts that combine efficiency and high quality of expertise they provide.

Our Team

Zhechka Kalinova

An expert with over 10 years of experience in managing projects and programmes for public administration and private customers financed by EU funds, national budget, other bilateral donors and programmes. Mrs. Kalinova was a manager and a member of international teams of experts and has excellent organizational and communication skills. She has extensive experience in organizing and conducting training for adults. The expert has extensive experience in dealing with different types of beneficiaries, incl. public and private organizations. She has significant experience in the preparation, evaluation and monitoring of programmes for territorial cooperation.
Owner and Manager
Zhechka Kalinova

Katerina Georgieva-Kutincheva

An expert with extensive experience as a project manager. Possesses excellent knowledge of the PCM, project budgeting, monitoring and control of management, team management, project planning. Experience and knowledge in the field of preparation of territorial cooperation programmes, development of project proposals for funding under EU programmes, incl. extensive experience in the development and management of cross-border cooperation projects.
Project Manager
Katerina Georgieva-Kutincheva

Desislava Puhleva

An expert with substantial experience as a project manager, incl. development, management and administration of projects and programmes for public and private clients financed from EU funds and other sources. Mrs. Puhleva has rich experience in organizing and conducting trainings, incl. developing educational programmes and materials, trainer in PCM with focus on financial management, monitoring and evaluation of administrative irregularities.
Project Manager
Desislava Puhleva