About Us

Change World. We Help.

IDEIN Ltd is a Bulgarian policy and business consultancy company. The company has extensive experience in fostering sustainable development, with a holistic approach and integrated actions for the promotion of tangible increases in the quality of life. IDEIN is a dedicated and reliable partner to national, regional and local decision makers. The company services cover a range of areas, from EU related issues and technical assistance, regional planning and development, through process audit and management, investment research and consulting to complete project management solutions.

The company holds ISO 9001:2008 certificate for project and legal consultancy, project management, evaluation of strategic papers, organization of trainings.

The company has offices in Sofia and Ruse.

Our core areas of expertise include:

  • Preparation, management and implementation of projects, plans and programmes.
  • Assessment of training needs in the structures of the public administration, organizing and conducting seminars, workshops, incl. developing curricula;
  • Consulting, training and preparation of guidelines for specific and other beneficiaries to assist them in the application process and implementation of projects under the schemes of grants under the operational programmes;
  • Technical assistance for monitoring and evaluation of strategic documents for the management of EU subsidy and evaluation of strategic documents for regional development, incl. in cross-border and transnational context.

Idein Ltd has a professional team of experts who have a thorough knowledge and years of experience.


Experts who are motivated to achieve the best possible results in their work.


Experts who have a clear understanding of the importance of each project and its added value.


Experts that combine efficiency and high quality of expertise they provide.

Our Team

Zhechka Kalinova

An expert with over 10 years of experience in managing projects and programmes for public administration and private customers financed by EU funds, national budget, other bilateral donors and programmes. Mrs. Kalinova was a manager and a member of international teams of experts and has excellent organizational and communication skills. She has extensive experience in organizing and conducting training for adults. The expert has extensive experience in dealing with different types of beneficiaries, incl. public and private organizations. She has significant experience in the preparation, evaluation and monitoring of programmes for territorial cooperation.
Owner and Manager
Zhechka Kalinova

Katerina Georgieva-Kutincheva

An expert with extensive experience as a project manager. Possesses excellent knowledge of the PCM, project budgeting, monitoring and control of management, team management, project planning. Experience and knowledge in the field of preparation of territorial cooperation programmes, development of project proposals for funding under EU programmes, incl. extensive experience in the development and management of cross-border cooperation projects.
Project Manager
Katerina Georgieva-Kutincheva

Desislava Puhleva

An expert with substantial experience as a project manager, incl. development, management and administration of projects and programmes for public and private clients financed from EU funds and other sources. Mrs. Puhleva has rich experience in organizing and conducting trainings, incl. developing educational programmes and materials, trainer in PCM with focus on financial management, monitoring and evaluation of administrative irregularities.
Project Manager
Desislava Puhleva